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Happy Hooping ∞ Hoop Tech ∞ Floris Bro ∞ Hoepelen
∞ Hooping in and around Amsterdam, the Netherlands
∞ Making hoops (limited) since 2011
∞ Special curved connectors to keep tube's rounding
∞ Flow-arts promotion
∞ Hoops any size *, taped with pro-(gaffer) tapes **
∞ Private lessons and workshops beginner, hoopdance, hand-hooping, all levels hoop tech / twins ***
∞ Hoop-jams ("hoepel-area"), poi-spinning/hoop/fire-jams

Jams and event(organizing / co-organizing)
∞ With Flowlands and friends we organize the Flowshow at the European Juggling Convention 2016
∞ 2 a 3 times a week circus/hoop training? Make contact by email
∞ Continuing / weekly jams, play & practice, see Happy Hooping Holland and Flowlands at Facebook
past events
∞ Magneet Festival 2011..2014, Gestrand, Buitenspelen, Spin Jams @ Ruigoord, de Valreep, Magnetico...
Week long Hoop and Flow Arts jam in Nepal (Hoop Portal article)

∞ Make contact for Friday (evening) or Thursday / Saturday (day) possibilities! Send e-mail for phone number
∞ Hoopdance basics for fitness and circus / find more flow in hooping
∞ Hand-hooping: planes, (around the body) isolations, hand-spins,
ghosting, iso pop weave variations, throws, balancing and more
∞ Twin hooping basics
(new) Fire hooping and fire safety
(new) Hoop Making Workshop (go home with two self-made hoops!)

Me hand-hooping (Youtube)
Various photos
Twin LED Hoop (Youtube)
At hooping.org 2014

(p.m. for phone number)
Hoopvan ("Hoepel caravan")
Hoop Fashion Show

For a Hooping and/or Flow-Art area at a festival or other happening, make contact. For community, see:
Flowlands @ Facebook ~ Open spinning ommunity

Hoepel Caravan
Hoopvan ("Hoepel caravan")
Vote for Hoepel Caravan / Flowlands at Magneet Festival

Happy Hooping and Flow Arts in Nepal
Flow Arts Jam / Hooping in Nepal (April 7..14, 2016)
Hooping in Nepal, 2013 (Facebook photo-album)

∞ Make contact for weekly hoopings and jams
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Video: Floris Bro, Hoop Tech
Video: Gentlemen of Hoop Tech (2015) - from 2:12
Video: A lovely spring day - Movin'Circle & Hoopies Breda
(video appearance, Youtube)

Happy Hooping Holland @ Facebook ~ Open hoop community
"Hoepel Startpagina" ~ the hooping website in The Netherlands
Heart & Hoop dance promo 2015
~ 1 week hooping retreat in the Netherlands
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Fire Hooping 2014

Dance is active meditation, Happy Hooping O=)

* Very limited in amount: custom made / designed; 16..25mm, any diameter; non, or-1-piece-collapsible; hdpe or lightweight poly-pro tubing.
** These tapes comply with the European Union RoHS directive, which strictly limits/prohibits the concentrations of lead, mercury, hexavalent chromium, cadmium, PBBs, and PBDE.
*** Hoopdance Teacher, Beginners 1 certified by Movin'Circle.