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Happy Hooping ∞ Hoop Tech ∞ Floris Bro ∞ Hoepelen
∞ Hooping in and around Amsterdam, the Netherlands
∞ Making hoops (very limited in amount) since 2011
∞ Special curved connectors to keep tube's rounding
∞ Flow-arts promotion
∞ Hoops any size *, taped with pro-(gaffer) tapes **
∞ Private lessons and workshops beginner, hoopdance, hand-hooping, all levels hoop tech / twins ***
∞ Hoop-jams ("hoepel-area"), poi-spinning/hoop/fire-jams

Jams and event (organizing / co-organizing)
∞ With Flowlands and friends we organize the Flow Arts Show at the European Juggling Convention 2016
∞ Continuing / weekly jams, play & practice, see Happy Hooping Holland and Flowlands at Facebook
∞ Magneet Festival 2011..2016, Gestrand, Buitenspelen, Spin Jams @ Ruigoord, de Valreep, Het Nederlands Jongleerfestival (NJF) 2019
Week long Hoop and Flow Arts jam in Nepal ~ Hoop Portal article

∞ Hoopdance basics for fitness and circus / find more flow in hooping
∞ Hand-hooping: planes, (around the body) isolations, hand-spins,
ghosting, iso pop weave variations, throws, balancing and more
∞ Twin hooping basics
∞ Fire hooping and fire safety
∞ Hoop Making Workshop (go home with two self-made hoops!)

Hoop Balancing hooping.org 2016 
My hand-hooping (Youtube)
Twin LED Hoop (Youtube)
Appearance at hooping.org 2014
Hoop Fashion Show

Nepal event 2018, Chautari Pokhara
Hooping, juggling and Flow Arts in Nepal, March 1..10, 2018

De Spelende Mens 2018 - 'Hoepelaar'
Trailer, Play

Video: The Flowlands Show (European Juggling Convention 2016)
For a Hooping and/or Flow-Art area at a festival or other happening, make contact. For community, see:
Flowlands @ Facebook ~ Open spinning community

Hoepel Caravan
Hoopvan ("Hoepel caravan")

Flow Arts and Hooping in Nepal
Chautari Pokhara
Hooping in Nepal, 2013 (Facebook photo-album)

HappyHooping.nl @ Facebook
Happy Hooping Holland @ Facebook ~ Open hoop community
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Hoops I make and hooping Photos
Hoop Size / "Wat voor maat hoepel is ideaal?"

Video: Floris Bro, Hoop Tech
Video: Gentlemen of Hoop Tech (2015) - from 2:12
Video: A lovely spring day - Movin'Circle & Hoopies Breda (2014)

External Links and Inspiration.

Fire Hooping 2014
Dance is active meditation, Happy Hooping O=)

* Very limited in amount: custom made / designed; 16..25mm, any diameter; non, or-1-piece-collapsible; hdpe or lightweight poly-pro tubing.
** These tapes comply with the European Union RoHS directive, which strictly limits/prohibits the concentrations of lead, mercury, hexavalent chromium, cadmium, PBBs, and PBDE.
*** Hoopdance Teacher, Beginners 1 certified by Movin'Circle.