Chautari Happy Hooping & Flow Arts Jam 2017

Fire Show at Spin Jam 2016 Chautari Pokhara Nepal   Pokhara, Nepal April 8-14, 2017 ~ Click here to see the event at Facebook

before February 28, 2017 for 3500,- NR (32€)
before April for 4500,- NR (40€)
from April / doorprice 5000,- NR (45€) possible FREE enter for local participants

Buy full week ticket for 40 € (4500 NR)

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in progress;

Find Chautari or 'Floris Bro' at Facebook, or e-mail to:
  Fire and Led Play at Spin Jam 2016 Chautari Pokhara Nepal

7 days Hooping & Flow Arts Spin Jam at Chautari 2016 (More 2016 photos / Chautari at Facebook)