More Hooping / "Meer hoepelen"

"Hoepel Startpagina" ~ the hooping website in The Netherlands

Hoopsadaisy ~ Amsterdam, more. Workshops, classes and hoops by Sally Hooghiem
HulaHoops in Motion ~ Amsterdam, Hoofddorp, more. Hoopdance classes, workshops beginners and intermediate by Anita de Reus
Hooplovers Hoop & Dance~ Leiden and around; Workshops, classes "hoepel winkel", jams and more by Mirjam Douma
Happy Rotations~ Hoorn and around; Hoopdance classes and workshops by Ellen Stelloo
Movin'Circle.~ Breda / around the world; Shows, workshops, private lessons and hoops by Karin de Wit

Happy Hooping Holland @ Facebook
Flowlands Spin, Hoop, Poi, Circus and Fire Community (public forum)
Hoopvan ("Hoepel caravan")

May 18, 2014. Hooping Life Day Breda~ 16.15; workshop around the body isolations and hand spins by Floris
Heart & Hoop dance ~ 1 week hooping retreat in the Netherlands

Other Spinning
Ignite "European Flow Arts Community": Bringing together the European Flow Arts Community through events offering workshops, jams and shows!
Poi People "Poi People are friends of the Dutch Spinning Community. Come join our Friendly Fire and maybe we'll be spinning together in the near Future"

Inspirational Hoopers (Youtube Channels)
Sandra Safire
Steve Bags
Emma Kenna from Hoopingmad
∞ .. many many more.

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∞ My Youtube channel
International Fuel Names for fire spinners
LED Smart Hoop Comparison Guide

"Circuswerkplaats Boost" ~ open circus training

Hoopportal.com - Hoop Dance Inspirations, Tutorials and Articles (tip!)
Hoop City - Hooping Community - a space for hoopers
Hooping Hula Hoops and Hoop Dance: Hooping.org

Fancy-Tapes; The one stop shop for all the best hoop tape and accessories in Europe. Established in 2007. Note: I strongly advise to buy or make hoops with high quality tapes ONLY. Hoops can have lovely grip and should not feel like plastic! Contact me for hoop-making / taping workshop.

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