NRC Next March 6, 2014; in article about Mirjam Douma her Hoop Shop in Leiden

Parool June 30, 2012, page 4: "Hoepelen, ook voor de man van nu .. happyhooping.nl .. Het is dansactieve meditatie ..'flow' .."
(small 'interview' ~ Hooping for man .. some misquotes:-p in all kind'o nice)

Telegraaf July 14, 2012 - "Hoop for a sixpack". Please note the six-pack focus ain't my idea (i don't hoop for packs), I did not say anything about teaching more male hoopers, the final text is very different from the draft sent to me (only some end-edit uhuh), and I clearly said I hoop for 2 and not 3 years .. 0=)

Amsterdam Enjoy magazine zomer 2012 - about "Magneet Festival 2011", including the poster with hoop I made used in Magneet advertisements and me in front of the "Hoepla Hit"

Parool July 30, 2012 - Flow Hoop Jam at Magneet Opening (Amsterdam Roest + Magneet festival location)

Parool July 30, 2012 - Flow Hoop Jam at Valreep 1 year anniversary

Volkskrant May 28, 2012 - Flow Hoop / Happy Hooping Jam at "Amsterdam Open Air"

et cetera:
Officiële after movie Magneet Festival 2012 - some fire hooping from ~2:20